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Doctoral Day

SAVE THE DATE: Doctoral Day 2023

15 november 2023, Basel

This year's SPINE Doctoral Day will take place on November 15 in Basel, organised by INS.

Mark your agendas! More information to follow soon.

The annual SPINE Doctoral Student Research Day

The annual Doctoral Student Research Day is an integral part of SPINE.

It is a day dedicated to both - PhD students in nursing science and their supervisors - from the two collaborating institutions (University of Lausanne and University of Basel) to come together and share/present their ongoing research.

With the aim to receive valuable feedback from distinguished professors and supervisors from collaborating networks, the Doctoral Student Research Day has been a big success in the past years.

Target Group and Eligibility

Doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows, faculty members and researchers from nursing science and and other healthcare disciplines.